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Action Wood 360 utilizes a returnable packaging system (or “loop”) by replacing single-use packaging with a solution that can be used multiple times. The use of collapsible packaging such as Clip-Lok creates cost savings and makes the return freight only a minor factor in the entire investment.

Alongside the far-reaching distribution network of our strategic alliance partner, Pack IQ, Action Wood 360 is the sole U.S. manufacturer of the Clip-Lok packaging system. Collapsible and reusable, while being simple and strong, the patented Clip-Lok packaging system can help reduce customer costs.

This product provides significant advantages in shipping density and reusability over a standard wood shipping container or plastic bin. Clip-Lok containers can be flat-packed and are able to increase shipping density by 50%; for example, 150 knock-down containers in a truck versus 30 assembled containers. Clip-Lok boxes have been shown to be reusable for up to 100 transport cycles.

Your requests may be custom, but quality comes standard.

Custom packaging needs, we execute and mass produce any order.

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